What is the difference between Pornography and Art? Art is more expensive!

The message is clear, that there is growing demand for explicit sex that empowers individuals to make their own decisions and choices free of social stigma.

While filmmakers have used the cinema to explore the subject of sex for many decades, the last few years have seen a breakthrough in terms of explicitness. Catherine Breillat’s ROMANCE, Virginie Despentes’s BAISE-MOI, Michael Winterbottom’s 9 SONGS, Todd Verow’s ANONYMOUS and Patrice Chereau’s INTIMACY are a few of many films in which serious art-house filmmakers have pushed the boundaries of what can be shown as well as filmmakers like Bruce LaBruce, Kris Kramski, Maria Beatty and Wash Westmoreland have pushed the boundaries in Pornoland to explore narrative structures within a commercial porn setting.

But not only in feature movies new trends are visible, also documentary films deal more and more with human sexuality and all its facets.

Is there still a paradox existing where we are encouraged to express ourselves freely, except when it comes to sex? The PornFilmFestival Berlin will challenge this paradox, giving permission to revel in the experience of clever, from all over the World, sexual fantasy.

The heritage of the 70s LAST TANGO IN PARIS, DEEP THROAT, EMMANUELLE und Oswalt Kolle resonates with us still today yet the cultural landscape has not shifted significantly in forty years. Still we do remember the PorNo campaign by our beloved Alice Schwarzer and Andrea Dworkin, but there is an appetite for accessible erotica and sexual explicit images which is no longer limited to the top shelf.

It’s about time that pornography becomes actually stimulating, actually erotic and actually sexy, rather than enjoyable and erotic only in theory, unwatchable in reality. The filmmakers, photographers and artists involved in pornberlin have been exploring sex through their work for years and the fact that they have been invited to be with pornberlin gives you the experience to participate in a universe that seems so fabulously, tantalizingly exciting.

PornFilmFestival Berlin will showcase the most innovative, risk-taking visionaries from film, photography, performance, music, the art scene, pornoland and even porn karaoke to challenge the genre of erotic film. All works shown form a collection of uncensored responses to the social and aesthetic questions of how we represent ourselves as sexual beings. The curation of diverse talent ensures a wide spectrum of interests and points of view.

PornFilmFestival Berlin seeks to harness these developing attitudes and trends by inviting artists, photographers and filmmakers whose work invokes sex, curiosity, desire, fantasy and satisfaction in it‘s own right. So be part of this adventure and join the PornFilmFestival Berlin!

The PornFilmFestival Berlin will go from October 24th to 28th 2012 in Cinema Moviemento into its 7th edition.

festival curators: Jürgen Brüning, Manuela Kay, Claus Matthes, Jochen Werner.
catalog texts: Jürgen Brüning, Jochen Werner, Claus Matthes, Manuela Kay
festival office: Alexandra Demetriou
design catalog & website: kanu Berlin
press service: Michael Höfner

The festival team is grateful to all film makers, producers and distributors.