Again this year we will have art all over the Moviemento Cinema. There will be an audience award for one of the artists. The opening of the exhibition will be on Wednesday, October 26th at 7:00 pm in the Moviemento Lounge.

by: Spunk Seipel

“Wahre Fickgeschichten aus dem Wrangelkiez” is the first porn made in the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg. The images were made for a book based on a radio play. This radio play features real stories of the horny residents of Kreuzberg.

by: RP Kahl

RP Kahl is a Berlin based filmmaker who also works in video art and photography. For this exhibition he selected photos which he did for “Giddyheft”. One can see these photos as a kind of preparation for his films BEDWAYS and MIRIAM.

by: Inside Flesh

The photos exhibited by Inside Flesh during PFF Berlin are a preview of the “POSSESSIONS” DVD, which will premiere at the festival. “POSSESSIONS” is a video cycle that meets the aesthetic need to participate in an unspecified, perverse ritual of transformation. The body is taken up by some organic creatures with liquid bodies and clear intentions – to mix fluids, taste the body and transform it into their own likeness. All photos as well as DVDs by Inside Flesh are
available for purchase.

by: Ingo Scholtysek

Flowers and patterns were not enough, so I decided to turn my attention to the body. Instead of the prudish way of presenting the body in Prussian Berlin I went all the way to pornography. The aesthetic of the body is fascinating but I wanted action of two and more. Enjoy the movement and use it as an inspiration for your own action!

by: Goodyn Green

“Untitled Nudity” is a series of analogue color photographs of headless women exposing their vaginas.

by: Anton Z. Risan

The photos were taken in the summer of 2011 in an old Georgian house from 1764. I was the unit photographer at a shoot for a gay porn film called ADDICTED, directed by Mike Esser. The great location gave itself generously to a more artfully photographed nakedness than the usual “porn-type” images generally shot on set and I used a 50mm f1.2 lens to achieve the narrow depths of field to echo this further. The guys featured in the photos are: Paddy O’Brian, Christian Wilde, JP Dubois and Blue Blake.

by: Sadie Lune

Sadie Lune is a multimedia artist, sex worker and pleasure activist. She has won awards for her films and performances, exhibited explicit whore-positive work in museums and shown her cervix internationally. Her writing on art and sex is published in books and magazines in the United States and Europe.