Yesterday night the juries announced this year’s winners for best feature film, best documentary and best short film:

“The Porn Film Festival Award 2011 for the best feature film goes to UNCLE DAVID by David Hoyle, Mike Nichols and Gary Reich. The film UNCLE DAVID tells us about a distant society in which love seems to have no place. It’s getting more and more important to have a loving relationship you can hold on to. But the question is how to do so in such an unloving world? In the case of uncle David and his younger lover the film shows us in simple, concentrated pictures that porn doesn’t have to be physical. The real and warm acting of the protagonists shows a relationship outside a normative frame, treating it with normality and gives us universal human emotions and intimacy which everyone can relate to and identify with.”


“The Porn Film Festival Award 2011 for the best documentary goes to BOTTOM X by Todd Verow for its blunt, de-mystifing and honest look into a gay man’s sexuality today.”


“This year’s winner in the Short Film Competition is GANG BANG BARBIE by Joanna Rytel: This transgressive film surprised us in a way that we find rare today. Barbie’s popularity in both young women’s playtime and as the object of manipulation in feminist art is far from new. Yet GANG BANG BARBIE presents an uncensored exploration of the classic game. We enjoyed the handywork, witty script and soft spoken obscenity. It was delightfully brain damaged.
Special mention: VOUS ÊTES MA JOIE VOUS ÊTES UNE CHIENNE MA DÉLICIEUSE TARTE by Ylva Lamm: Ylva Lamm reinterprets the old repetitive “in and out” cliché in pornography by turning the expected penetration shot into an intimate view on love. Aesthetically challenging, while still conveying real chemistry is a feat gracefully accomplished by this couple making their first explicit video.”


Fotos von: Sara Svärtan Persson, Anton Z Risan

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