It’s done!
This year’s program now online!

Our extensive program for this year’s festival is now online. You can find it on our newly designed website by using this link:

Starting with Man at Bath by Christophe Honoré as our Opening Film and closing with The Orgasm Diaries by Ashley Horner we will have more than fourty features and seventy shorts. Tickets can be purchased now at or with a click on the film program you will be at the ticket online shop. Some few places are still available for the workshops, so please do register with

Exhausted, but very happy we can’t wait to welcome you and our guests for our Opening Night.

The Porn Film Festival Team

The Porn Film Festival Berlin and Feigenblatt Magazin would like to invite you to a warm up screening:

‘Des Jours Plus Belles Que La Nuit / Skin.Like.Sun.’
etero Women’s view Xplicit

Sunday October 2nd, 19:45 in Cinema Moviemento

Dir. Jennifer Lyon Bell / Murielle Scherre
BEL 2009, 55 Min., Engl. UT

+ Supporting film Headshot
NL 2006, 10 Min., Engl. UT

Jennifer Lyon Bell in person

The Belgian feminist festival Stout(ste) Dromen (“Daring Dreams”) recently commissioned Jennifer Lyon Bell and Murielle Scherre to co-direct a feminist sex film and premiere it at their festival. What makes a sex film feminist? Weʼve noticed that in most sex film, the female point of view is omitted. What does the female character see, hear, feel? This film stars Wim and Floor, a devoted real-life young couple. Through the film, we aim to show not what their lovemaking looks like, but how it feels — especially to Floor.

Ticket reservation

If people want to know more about the film in advance, they can visit our website or our Facebook page.

Preview 6th Pornfilmfestival Berlin

Porn Film Festival Berlin relaunches its website for our 6th edition and will be online soon …
A few highlights are confirmed that we want to tell you already.
Our Opening Night film will be Man at Bath with Francois Sagat and Chiara Mastroianni. Maybe we are lucky and Francois Sagat will attend the screening. We are in touch with him.

Additional hightlights are the World Premiere of Fucking Different XXX with episodes by Emilie Jouvet, Bruce LaBruce, Maria Beatty, Todd Verow and Courtney Trouble, the screening of the Indonesian transgender action thriller Madame X by Lucky Kuswandi, who finds his way to Berlin, the film Profane by Usama Alsaibi about a muslim Pro Domme as well as new films by Virginie Despentes, Maria Beatty, Courtney Trouble and Nica Noelle. We expect high profile guests with our dear friends Jiz Lee, Judy Minx and Travis Mathews, who will premier his new film In Their Room: Berlin. Inside Flesh, the collective from Poland, who received last years feature film award will be featured in a Filmmaker in Focus special as well as the Queen of AltPorn: Tristan Taormino. She also will conduct a workshop.

Registration is now open for all workshops at
Please find more information about the workshops here:

Jennifer Lyon Bell – DiY Filmmaking: Feminist Porn & Erotic Film

Matthias T. J. Grimme – Bondage-Workshop: Japanisches Bondage/Shibari

Tristan Taormino – Anal Pleasure 101

Judy Minx + Dürtal – Everytime We Fist, We Win

Porn Film Festival WarmUp on June 23rd and 24th 2011: Frauenzimmer

PornFilmFestival Berlin presents in June the documentary ‘Frauenzimmer’ by Saara Aila Waasner

On 23rd + 24th of June 2011 at 18:30 in Cinema ‘Moviemento’ in Berlin-Kreuzberg and also in June at Cinema ‘Thalia’ in Dresden.

Frauenzimmer, Directed by Saara Aila Waasner, GER 2010, 74 Min., German with Engl. Subs

Three prostitutes in Berlin reflect about their life and their job. They’re all way beyond 40 and still like to have an active sex life in and outside their work. “Frauenzimmer“ is a fascinating portrait of female sexual power and self-esteem with a refreshing approach not to see these women as victims but as self-determined individuals with amazing life stories.

Tickets here:
Thursday June 23rd

Friday June 24th

Porn Film Festival WarmUp on May 12th, 2011: The Final Girl

The Final Girl X L
Thu, May 12th, 2011, 8pm
Director: Todd Verow, with: Judy Minx, Wendy Delorme u. a., USA 2010
90 Min., engl. OV

Tickets here!

The closing night film of the 5th Porn Film Festival 2010 back on the screen of the Moviemento: Is it possible to make a poetic yet sexually explicit lesbian romantic movie? Todd Verow proves it to be possible in this story of a new tenant in a Parisian apartment that gets under the spell of her missing previous tenant. By finding her diary and fantasying herself into the surrealistic world between Berlin and Paris the girl shares the same lovers and maybe even the same destiny as the lost girl.

After the WarmUp screening, the Moviemento will show “The Final Girl” in its regular program, starting May 13th until June 1st.

WarmUp Screening on 13.04.2011: Modern Love is Automatic

Modern Love is Automatic H NX FT
Wed., 13.04.2011, 20h, Moviemento
Regie: Zach Clark, USA 2009
93 Min., engl. OV
Tickets here!

What do you do if you’re bored working as a nurse, have just sacked your boyfriend and no idea what to do with the rest of your life? Frustrated Lorraine takes a side job as a Domina! Her funny and touching trip through a dazzlingly colourful world somewhere between Douglas Sirk and John Waters is staged as a retro-fetish melodramatic comedy kitsch fantasy. An ideal opener for the 5th Pornfilmfestival, now finally back on the screen of the Moviemento!

Lesbian Porn on March 16th & 17th in Berlin & Dresden

<blockquote>Lesbian Porn Program, March 16th, 2011, 8 pm Kino Moviemento Berlin
Lesbian Porn Program, March 17th, Thalia Kino Dresden

<strong>In Your Face</strong>
Hungry Hearts, Norway 2009, 4 Min., English
„In Your Face“ is the international lesbian anthem. The music introduces the lesbian hasuki dance. Learn the dance and join the force!

Marit Östberg, Germany 2010, 16 Min., English
A woman in the conflict of jealousy and the dream of sharing her lover with others without being jealous.

<strong>Madison & Dylan: Cake – Scene from Rough Sex 2 </strong>
Tristan Taormino, with: Madison Young, Dylan Ryan, USA 2010, 34 Min., English
Porn pioneer Tristan Taormino gives her actresses the chance to live out a rough sex fantasy in front of the camera. Here the two porn actresses play around dominance and submission and a lot of cake.

<strong>Girlfriend </strong>
Ruy, Brazil 2010, 3 Min. no dialogue
A very short and intense fuck between girlfriends.

<strong>Strut the Slut</strong>
Anna Span, GB 2008, 25 Min., English
British director Anna Span shows her view on lesbian sex with this intense sex scene of the couple Karen and Katie.

Regie: Sadie Lune, Germany, 3 Min., no dialogue
A statement of love to her lover, food and sex.

Porn Film Festival in January: Fun Porn

The Porn Film Festival Berlin announces a line-up of popular short films to be screened at Kino Moviemento in January 2011

Fun Porn
Short film program

January 21st 2011, 10pm, Kino Moviemento, Berlin


January 22nd 2011, 10:15 pm, Thalia Kino, Dresden

Judas & Jesus
Olaf Encke & Claudia Romero, Germany 2009, 15 Min. (English subtitles)
The most controversial animation film of 2009. Maria Magdalena works as a Domina in a sex club and Jesus needs 30 Euro to enter.

52 Takes of the Same Thing, then Boobs
T. Arthur Cottam, USA 2010, 4 Min., English
The story is the most important part of filmmaking.

The Sheep and the Ranch Hand
Loretta Hinz, USA 2009, 12 Min., English
An edgily sexy, hilarious romp about love, dreams, and a sheep who lusts for her ranch hand. With a happy ending in more ways than one.

Hungry for Love
Ruckus Skye, USA 2009, 17 Min., English
A 72-year-old widow explores the relationship between food and sex when she sees a hypnotherapist to help curb her late night cravings.

Dolls Fit
Julie Simone, USA 2010, 2 Min., English
What do a football and our beloved barbie doll have in common? Barbie fits everywhere.

Endlich Urlaub
Jan Soldat, Germany 2009, no dialogue
A man alone with himself and his sexuality.

After Lunch
Rodrigo Diaz Diaz, Brazil 2009, 13 Min., Portuguese with English Subtitles
After a Sunday lunch with all the family, while the husbands are watching soccer on TV and the kids are playing around, the two friends Nana and Andrea talk about their erotic dreams, but this one is a little bit different…

Sex Tourism
Kevin Murphy, USA 2006, 7 Min., English
Entitled Sex Tourism, the video playfully suggests relationships between the consumptive natures and transient pleasures of tourism, sightseeing, art-going, and sex.

Julie Keck & Jessica King, USA 2009, 15 Min., English
Like many loving couples, Reed and Leilah are looking for ways to spice up their sex life.  After careful consideration and research, they’ve decided that today’s the day to try some light bondage.

Porn Film Festival Berlin presents: ‘Holocaust and Pornography’

The Porn Film Festival Berlin proudly presents a highlight of our previous programs so far. On December 8th at 18:30 you will be able to watch:

‘Stalags – Holocaust and Pornography’
Israel 2008, 63 min, Director: Ari Libsker

Stalags were pocket books whose plots revealed lusty female SS officers sexually abusing camp prisoners. During the 1960s, parallel to the trial held against Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmannl, sales of this pornographic literature broke all records in Israel and hundreds of thousands of copies were sold at kiosks. The popularity of the Stalags only declined after a much-reported trial, in which their authors were accused of distributing anti-Semitic pornography.
This film examines the notorious phenomenon, exposing the creators of this genre for the first time. It posits that the combination of pornography and the Holocaust also appears in canonic Holocaust litrature and continues to be a widespread part of the representation of the Holocaust in Israel today.


Awards & Thanks!

Dear Porn Friends!

The 5th Porn Film Festival Berlin 2010 closed on Sunday night with a record-breaking audience: during the four days 4,000 visitors came to the Moviemento cinema to watch our many-faceted program full of erotic, lusty, unsettling, progressive or touching films. The festival ended with the presentation of our movie awards.

A jury consisting of Courtney Trouble (San Francisco), Anna Span (London), and RP Kahl (Berlin) awarded Jan Soldat (Berlin) with the annual Short Film Award for Endlich Urlaub. The prize is sponsored by Blue Movie. Franzy Millarse’s Revanche 1 and Travis Mathews’ I Want Your Love were honorably mentioned.

Award Ceremony 'Best Short Movie'

The Erotic Lounge sponsored this year’s Best Feature Film Award. The members of the jury were Suzy Capo (Sao Paulo), Florence Fradelizi (Paris) und Yair Hochner (Tel Aviv). The award went to the Inside Flesh Collective (Katowice, Poland) for their film Carnal Fluidity. Its artistic and cinematographic vision of sex and its creativity enable the film to overcome conventional forms of sexual representation. The film Much More Pussy by Emilie Jouvet (Paris) received an honorable mention for its authentic portrait of a group of young, talented, and sexually freethinking women.

Award Ceremony 'Best Long Film'

The team of the 5th Pornfilmfestival Berlin would like to thank the wonderful audience, the fabulous guests, the fabulous crew of the Moviemento, all sponsors and helping hands, and everyone who contributed to make the festival such a great experience for all participants. We are looking forward to 2011!

The curators
Jürgen Brüning, Manuela Kay, Claus Matthes, Jochen Werner